Наши проекты в России и Европе

ULTRAMIX in the CALYPSO fitness club network

Poland, 9 Cities
Successful application of ULTRAMIX thermostatic valves in 16 fitness clubs in 9 Polish cities

Sylax butterfly valves of Socla

Poland, Pisz, Cekcynek, Skarbimierzyce, Stanowo
with pneumatic actuators in water treatment plants.

Control valve C702

Poland, Bystra
Solution for drinking water reservoir in Bystra

Anti-water hammer valves C501

Poland, Korniaków
solution for water treatment plant in Korniaków, Poland.

BA4760 DN100 installation in Poland

Poland, Poznań, Nowy Rynek
Solution for the garden watering system

Ultramix valves at Zakrzewscy Meat Plant

Poland, Szczuczyn
14 Ultramix valves installed in Europe's most state-of-the-art meat plant

e-ULTRAMIX w centrum sportowym

France, Saint-Rémy de Provence
Issue :
Ensure automatic disinfection of hot water systems leading to communal showers.

Solution :
Smart thermostatic mixing valve e-ULTRAMIX®

Choice criteria :
- Electronic setting of the mixed water temperature
- Easy planning of system disinfection cycles
- Secure installation
- Easy to install


OneFlow w Miko Koffie Noord

The Netherlands, Gieten
Since its founding in 2002, Miko Koffie Noord has been working to provide a great cup of coffee for everyone in the Northern Netherlands. From the city of Gieten they do everything to make your coffee taste great every day. With their own technical department and an active sales team, they can put out a great product, in coffee, in equipment, in tea, tableware and more. Every day they make every effort to make your coffee breaks as enjoyable as possible. The technical specialists on their service team traverse the entire Northern Netherlands every day, ensuring timely maintenance of your coffee machines and quick resolution of any malfunctions.

Ultramix for spa

France, Aix-en-Provence (13)
Perfect temperature and flow: Spa Thermes Sextius